Weirdest Part of the Interview

This was actually near the end, waiting for my third interview at 1 pm. I’d already talked to the Pres and the VP.

I can hear voices. I’m not sure they’re in the dean’s office, since I don’t know which one that is, but it could be.

There’s a man’s voice. He asks about the elasticity in the salary scale. The woman says there isn’t any. What they can give is mandated by the board and X is the most they can give. (The most they can give, for a PhD with six or more years of full-time work, is $58K.)

He said something else, which I didn’t hear.

She said, “Well I don’t know anyone at SLAC, but…” Then I couldn’t hear the rest of that.

When the two people came around the corner, I was already sure one of them was the dean. The other is a coworker from SLAC. He was the least welcoming of all the people I work with there. I don’t know what kind of person he really is because he’s never given me an opportunity to know.

I looked down. I figured if he wanted to recognize me, he could. If he wanted to keep his job search quiet, he might think I didn’t see him.

He didn’t say hello. For all I know he thinks he was doing the same thing for me. (Of course, for me, everyone knows I’m looking. I’m only a part-timer.)

So, while no one said, I am fairly sure that he is one of the other people they want for the job. I’m also fairly sure that he’s making more money at SLAC and wasn’t interested in a pay cut. I know what the average salaries there are for ft people, both male and female. (It differs by $3K based on gender.)

That cuts down the serious competition, if I’m correct.

Recommendation for interviewers:
People should really give themselves a little more room between person one and person two, rather than doing them back to back. I was only a few minutes early on this one. I was actually late to leave the interview last week.

Really, people. Give yourself half an hour down time between the interviewees. That way if one’s over and one’s early, they won’t run into each other. It will also give you time to digest what they had to say.

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