To Praise Adjuncts

A friend was at a Kiwanis club meeting. One of the administrators of the system for CC3 (and CC1) was speaking.

The man was praising the success of the students. He said after two years the students were getting into Harvard and Duke. A member asked the reason for the success. He said their adjuncts were equivalent to their full time profs in competence. Isn’t that interesting that someone is praising adjuncts?

The friend is an adjunct as well.

Of course, if adjuncts are equal to full-timers, why aren’t more being hired full-time? I have a PhD, which still half the faculty at CC1 does not.

Down to reality:
I am fairly sure that we might have one student in the system of 50,000 who went to Harvard afterwards. And I doubt it happens every year.

On a different note:
You know, I had an advisor at CC1 tell me that the education the students were getting there is the same as they would get at Harvard. No, they’re not. On several levels.

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