There’s no such thing as being too prepared.

There’s no such thing as being too prepared. There may, however, be such a thing as being prepared too late.

I am on my first year in the full-time job market after 16 years out to raise my children. Last year I applied even though I really would have had trouble doing a full-time job because I know jobs don’t come around all the time.

Give presentations
What that gave me was the knowledge that I need to get out and start presenting. So I did. I spent this year searching for CFPs and getting papers accepted to conferences until I had an entire page of recent presentations. Then the fact that I wasn’t presenting for 16 years doesn’t show up.

Get published
I’ve written six articles or book chapters, but right now I have one rejection and five out. So I don’t have publications. I do have a book contract. That’s good. But I am trying to ramp up my publications. Even the CCs have asked about them.

Be ready for questions
This is what actually started this post in the first place. Now that I’ve gone through the final interviews for two schools, I found a great link list of academic interview questions.

Maybe being better prepared for questions would have made me a better candidate.

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  1. Try to make it to the CW09 GRN in the afternoon if you’re there early enough: 2:15 – 4:15 pm GRN Job Workshop:

    GRN Job Workshop
    The afternoon session of the GRN focuses on choosing and getting through grad school, and
    finding, getting, and keeping a job in the fields related to computers and writing. The session will
    be modeled on the game show Jeopardy!, with 12 panelists representing each of the topic areas
    (grad school, job-seeking, and getting tenure), plus 3 experienced judges from the field who will
    comment on and respond to the panelists’ Jeopardy answers. GRN participants will have the
    chance to choose answers they want questions to and win prizes!
    Cheryl E. Ball, Illinois State University
    Jentery Sayers, University of Washington
    Ryan Trauman, University of Louisville
    Bre Garrett, Miami University of Ohio
    Jim Purdy, Duquesne U
    Aimee Knight, Michigan State U
    Mary Beth Sullivan, Southern Illinois U, Edwardsville
    bonnie kyburz, Utah Valley University
    Michael Salvo, Purdue U
    Karen Lunsford, UC-Santa Barbara
    Joyce Walker, Western Michigan U
    Jim Kalmbach, Illinois State University
    Cindy Selfe, Ohio State University
    Kris Blair, Bowling Green State University

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