How Odd

One of the colleges in my CC system just last week, apparently, opened a position for English. (I looked at it last week, so I must have looked the day before it was posted.)

They had posted jobs previously this year. I wonder if someone who accepted changed their mind or if an additional spot opened up.

I just finished applying for that position.

I wrote a new cover letter. In it I pushed my PhD, my experience, and my presentations and publications. (Even if the pubs are mostly submitted or forthcoming.) I tried to be enthusiastic and reasonable both. So, for instance, I said I would like to talk with them about my fit for the position instead of saying, “You should hire me NOW!”

My philosophy of teaching was a bit long (nine pages) but they don’t have to read it. I have a shorter one, but it’s really not as good as the longer one. And, again, they don’t have to read it.

One odd thing is they ask for a resume instead of a CV. I gave them a CV anyway. I also put my CV in the application listed under CV. It may annoy them that I did it twice, but it really isn’t a resume. I would have rewritten it as a resume, but I don’t think that is really what they want. I hope not, anyway, because I didn’t do it.

This time I did remember to mention my book.

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