Computers & Writing Thursday workshop-Tech

I’m cheating. I’m still in the meeting and I’m posting now. Maybe I should have opened this and taken my notes there this whole time.

An interesting URL for video links for students to improve their writing.

This looks like a great resource, but they are not sure they will keep it up after the next month, when their third year review ends.

I got that link from RIch Rice at Texas Tech University. He teaches an interesting course, Reading/Writing for Mobile Devices.

Supposedly there are good PDFs on Tech’s website. I haven’t checked for that yet.

They have document instructors. The classroom teacher doesn’t grade the papers, but two document instructors grade. Interesting. I’d be interested in going through the course for learning to grade. Maybe I should take a class from Tech in order to get that.

It would be an interesting way to check on my grading. I used to be a very difficult grader, but I don’t think I am anymore. It would be good to get an outside calibration.

Even if I needed to make my grading easier for CC1 or SLAC, it would still be interesting to see what Tech is expecting.

Tech only has one syllabus. Everyone teaches the same comp class. That would be different.

Recommended reading:
Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins.
iPod and Philosophy by Dylan E. Wittkower
And, believe it or not, the Wikipedia article on andragogy.

Just FYI:
Tech has 40,000 students in comp. Interesting.
55 in PhD online
30 in PhD f2f
45 in MA online
60 in MA f2f

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