Students’ Impression of Instructor’s Video Online: Computers & Writing 2009

She has taught online since 2003. This is about her online classes.

Not being able to get good notes. She chose white letters and deep blue background. It is hard to read it. This is hard to follow because of that.

Apparently I missed the announcement that says you need to say what you are going to tell the audience. I know that is more normal in social sciences, but I’ve never seen it before in an English conference.

one on one video conferencing
virtual office hours

personal introduction
course orientation
reading assignments

She uses Skype and Tegrity.

You are creating video.

Her materials come in three formats: text, audio, and video. Oh my goodness! I cannot imagine going over this stuff three times.

She got a theater colleague to read the essay aloud as one of her text presentations.

New instructor roles
1. “one-man band” video production person
2. anchorperson

What level of professionalism is required for movie itself?
Is it okay if it is blurry? if it’s dark? if the light is flourescent?
Is the teaching enough? Are the students looking for something else?
Does the poor video quality impact the instructor’s professional image?
Does the background, dress, etc impact the instructor’s professional image?

You need a shooting checklist.
(I could use Ron’s studio, while he still has that.)

Think about composition.

Technical issues for putting the video on the web. It takes a lot of space. Institutional limits can be a problem.

Will the student like it? Will the student view it?

It’s a good thing that their third person didn’t show up.

Do you dress up? Do you pay attention to colors? Does it matter?

Performance anxiety.
The first 3 minute introduction to my students took 5 hours.

Plan a lot.
Develop a routine.
Know your equipment and your software.

Students’ perception
like personalized instruction
next best thing to f2f
talk back to video
no misunderstanding in communication – written comments can sound harsh without instructor’s facial expression (They are more likely to accept what I say when it’s on video, rather than written.)
No skimming or scanning as in text, no holistic overview

Students watching assignment
issues of technology
time and energy investment
read faster than view

Won’t even call the help desk. This is an issue related to my talk.

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