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We need to be showing our theory.
I did get a ft tenure track position as a pedagogue.

Kairos has a 12% acceptance rate.
Where it is downloaded. Downloaded in 70 different countries.

Battle was at 4th year review over collaboration.
Collaboration was an issue.
Needs to be emphasized.
Need empirical evidence.

Need C&C, C&C online, Kairos…. How many collaborative? Keep an ongoing statistical count for C&W. “because we have to include so many roles in each of the pieces”

Karen had to show… Principal Investigator… take on a scientific model, I was faculty working with grad students and librarians
Librarians “don’t count as faculty”

nothing in tenure requirements, if it’s collaborative with two people, it’s a half an article.
If it’s collaborative with three people, it’s a third an article.

You need to have individual pieces. I’ve also done collaborative pieces to help graduate students become scholars.

Univ of Colorado… collaborative work… Keifer

schools feel like they are at R-1 planning

We, like the sciences, do team based research. Like biology, we…
Applied linguistics people are doing that kind of empirical work.

How do we get our institutions to value what we are doing?
How do we get equipment?

Senior person should take the last place.
As humanists, we want to give credit to everyone who has helped us.
That goes against the sciences… It is clear cut.

Humanities continues to value the monograph
fewer and fewer to publish
Karen has tenure for a series of articles, with a special issue of the journal across the disciplines. Special editor and the introduction. intro=the equiv of a single author
but others have seen special editor as service

NMSU T&P newly revised

ABE bulletin Ohio State, value digital work, to value both print and digital as typical
get rid of atypicality
MLA 2007

There’s a project… Track the collaboration. Here’s something I could do. But I’d need to do it very quickly. And I’d have to find a venue in the next six months. Where would that be?

Teas: 40 sections of computer freshman comp… 25 instructors… 10 people at a tea on average

Can’t do Teas in the last three weeks of the semester

Half of the instructors are regular for the Teas

We are shifting the Teas, so that praxis on multiple levels is talked about. Theories.

Humanities librarian came to our teas.

Reading group is different. What motivated us to do the research… that the informality was important, but didn’t have any proof. As junior scholars, we needed to know whether the time spent was worthwhile.

Tea was partly a way to bring a space. To create comfort.

Purple shirt lady:
Interested in this because I am in a program that is stalled. “We’ve never done this.” Tech comm teacher said, “Why do I need to use tech in my classroom?”

This is more “their” speed, adjuncts. Half of people need to set up.

Ning, an instructor’s ning set up.

ethos requires that people within your department use it.
Rhetoric choice…
At what point are there clear policy guidelines?
Institutionally you have to use their assessment…

Problem potential: Teas as counterrevolution.

Teacher’s guides. Ethnographies. Video and audio ethnographies.
First year writing program is collaborative.
No matter how hard we tried, there was some fear from the instructors.

Value your facilitators
Everyone knows what the facilitator is
Almost everyone is willing to do it (because there is money)
It allows the different people to talk
It breeds facilitating

It’s not a meeting.
It’s an informal experience.

Something that the Tea offers, is that it would be good to use for multiple disciplines.

We’ve had a supportive WPA.

Last year in a search, teachers have said, First year we have help, but later we don’t.
Informal space to learn, talk.

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