Town Hall: Computers & Writing 2009

Notes from talks:
transgressive rhetoric- Students were chalking on a slab rhetorically for French class. But they went onto the stairs in their enthusiasm. The assoc dean was not thrilled. Teacher kept the disagreement from students, not wanting them to think badly of their work. Speaker suggested that it made it mean more, since their actions/words had an audience.

“digital academics”- go beyond disciplines

WAC Press
Hampton Series
Computers and Communication (CCDP) first book Technology….
Utah State University Press is hosting CCDP.
So multimodal publications are now possible for tenure.

Ah hah!
Hey! What about using the Composition and Rhetoric text Wiki for health sciences comp class? Real world, cheap text, public writing, real audience. I think that would be interesting and useful. Think about that. Going to need to be in a computer lab. Wonder if that is totally not possible?

For K-12
1. Tech is not that available in K-12 because of strong internet filters.

2. Digital divide is not age in K-12, but is socioeconomic status.

What about adjuncts who aren’t getting support for digital literacy?

Why are we forcing our classrooms into our students’ living rooms? So, requiring Facebook for school.

Freely available online, but public is an issue. Freely available but blocked by internet.

What can we do in a severe recession for computers?

So many people are not being replaced. What does that do to the sustainability of the programs? Does everyone know about Internet archives on

Can’t get IT help? Because you have access only one hour a week and phone number is busy.

National issue with K-12 internet filters. Most schools have their filters really high.

Use of course management systems, especially with adjunct faculty. Watching these folks using this, we did a different kind of development with adjunct faculty. Didn’t understand or have time to use the tools with sufficient sophistication.

Technical training versus pedagogical training is HUGE. This is why stuff isn’t useful, because we don’t know how to use the technology strategically.

Look across disciplines and see how people are using technology. Talk across disciplines.

How can we get people to collaborate more?

Adjuncts are viewed as not involved. But I and one other adjuncts are the only people here from our school.

Often it is the adjuncts who are taking the risk.

One thing this group does very well is recognizing adjuncts.

Kairos gives awards to TAs and adjuncts. You get a $500 prize and a plaque to put on your wall.

What wall?

It’s easier to take risks as a grad student, because risks are significantly dangerous for full-time faculty.

There has to be a change in the reward structures.

There is a need to stop focusing on research, publication…

Embrace failure. Teachers are afraid to take a step into the unknown. Look at as a learning activity.

Stay connected with the bandwagon… to the university strategic plan. The money can be gotten if you are really savvy.

In our policies and procedures, we put in quality teaching with new technologies as important in tenure review. The more that goes up through review committees, the more people see it, and the more it is likely to show relevance.

Univ of Oklahoma, hypertext instead of 20 to 30 page paper. Created presentation in Windows MovieMaker. Value add academic work. If we show that to graduate students. More and more people with experience.

UG instructors are looking for grad students who know how to do things.

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