Audience Online, Computers & Writers 2009

C. Scott Wyatt

confronted with a changing reality
taught at CCs for many years
went to get my PhD

computer-girl-bigHit a new reality. They were complaining about articles he wrote as long as 1986. Wrote about views on religion, how she didn’t like them. Complained in my eval on Web Design.

creative self-advocacy for autism, person argued he was for Big Pharma, Technical Writing class

Should we talk about the audience online?

How many in my class has googled me?
knew what politics I had worked for

How is this an unintended audience?
That’s not audience.

computer-laptop-guy-wThreaded discussion of audience. Juniors and seniors only.
17 volunteer participants (asked 2 classes)
six mentioned “specific group”
12 indicated an aud shares a purpose and goals
aud. perceived as a primarily academic concept
only four said they are anyone receiving a message- included unintended readers

Audience analysis is core stated

Texts constrain understanding audience.

Rvwd a dozen books we use for comp classes

“shaping a paper for the discipline”
“teacher and sometimes other students”

Students were paraphrasing, even quoting the texts we use.
Aud is “academic only”
students were giving the “right answer” when interviewed

We need more examples in texts, to explain audience is
a lot more than what we are teaching

Note: I have just googled myself. Very interesting what came up.

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