Dialogue and Debate, Computers & Writing 2009

Joan Latchaw, U of Nebraska- Omaha

not really a hybrid example,

difficult dialogue on Blackboard

everyone participated, 14 students, about a week
2 students continued for another month

perception at the time was “worked well”

idea was this would serve as a counterpart and corrective for f2f that has broken down

was it correct? analyze the posts, using Habermas’s speech act theory
Habermas talks about the public sphere
says everyone should have right to speak because they are people

His narratives served as parables (I think).

went through the posts to see

expectation that Brad would give an autobiography to show where he was from
but what if that were painful? Is he required to throw this out to the whole class?
She said she was disappointed.
I think this is potentially trauma (the four year old with words thrown at him).

relieved that we didn’t get back to this debate

What did I learn?
lesson on facilitation

don’t facilitate as much as we need to
so much emphasis on student-centered classes

I wish I had known more about “difficult dialogues.”

Taken several of the kinds of comments, show how they were going into argument.
Last thing I could have done was to look at the kinds of statements.

We don’t talk about process of communication very much.

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