Hansel and Gretel, Computers & Writing 2009

Mary Karcher, Wayne State U

“Hansel and Gretel in Cyberspace: Following the Breadcrumbs in a Forest of Hypertext”

What happens when we’re in a nonlinear environment?

“we need to id language an pedagogy that allows us to addres lack of coherence in the hypertextual documents our students produce”

hansel-and-gretel-smallRecent scholars have looked to other genres of writing and other disciplines to see how other mediums convey coherence
avant-garde movement (Sirc)
collage artists (Janangelo)
Hypertext fiction (Bernstein)
Hip-hop (Sirc)

constructive hypertext
exploratory hypertext

common website navigation tools
site map
drop-down menus
back button (follows user’s navigation through the site)

Has grown in popularity: breadcrumbs
creates links, show hierarchy of the website
sometimes are overlooked, but never misunderstand

3 types of breadcrumbs
location – conveys the position of the pg within the overall site hierarchy
path – show the specific path a user has taken to arrive at the current page
attribute – uses many breadcrumbs representing possible locations

When they produced research papers, I told them to be careful. It may be related, not necessarily relevant. Here (attribute breadcrumbs) is where you can put all that info.

Breadcrumbs increase the site’s coherence…

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