Power of Surveillance, Computers & Writing 2009

Mike Edwards, US Military Academy at West Point

1. ambivalent exigency
“you are accessing” … government watching
proposed plan to monitor electronic

May manifest practices that are nascent.

“new tech can be used to reinforce… and to create… more insidious ones”

“every day a stronger and fiercer group” of watchers are pursuing their victims

“a good man speaking well” by Quintilian, was during the decline of oratory, a fantasy


Military commanders have become concerned and feel that blogging breaks the rules.

There is a state of surveillance. It forces them to “write between the lines.” (Strauss Persecution)

secret, hidden meaning… Maybe X was correct on Quintilian being subversive.


IV. Problematic Text

video… leadership of academy, played by cadets
no sound- got it

This video ignores/flaunts the surveillance.

deeply public text, very transgressive
doesn’t match Strauss, because it is not hidden

He put up Clickstreams, but was found by the West Point people and sent to his boss. (Now they are closed.)

regulate behavior of those under domination AND those in charge

Military offers a testbed for students… Many of my students are increasingly certain they are being watched all the time.

Who watches the watchers?… We ourselves. All of us?

My name, on page 3, comes up on my husband’s glamour photography blog. Perhaps I should talk to him about that.

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