I am still teaching

One of my schools has changed deans and associate deans and still has no chair for the fall. Rumor has it that there will be no chair. I would not be surprised to find rumor is correct.

hinton_centerHowever, I have checked in and I am still scheduled for four classes. I expect that, unless there is an influx of students, one of the classes will not make and the students from the two sections of one course will be combined into one. Right now there are 9 and 10 in those two classes.

One of the other classes is almost full and the fourth is a developmental writing course, so it will fill up, whether it is full now or not. And it is half full now.

So, more than likely, I will have only three courses at SLAC. I have been offered three courses at CC1, but I think I will stick with two. The extra course does mean I take home a paycheck instead of owing money in the summer, but I am not sure it is worth it right now.

I want to pump up my publications, so only having five courses will be good.

So I think I will just let it ride.

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