Third Time’s the Charm

I have an interview for a third full-time position for which I applied this year. It appears that the other two interviews, while revealing in many ways, did not result in my being hired by the schools in question. I am disappointed, of course, since I did want both of those positions.

This interview is for a position just announced two weeks ago. Did the school grow enough to need another full-time position? Did someone who accepted a job decide not to take it? Did a full-timer step down unexpectedly? I do not know.

I do know the campus is small but beautiful. In their February job ad they said they wanted people who were not “traditionally community college.” I am unsure what that means, but it was an interesting point. I also know that the school has about the same level of students as CC1. I also know that I interviewed with them last year and never made it to the second interview.

I am hoping that this year, I stand out as a wonderful addition to the faculty since I have great presentations (I do) and my publications are picking up (they are).

I hope that it is true that third time (or in this case third interview set) is the charm.

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