Questions for the Search Committee and their Answers

What do you like most about your job?

people I work with
we all get along- that speaks a lot
goo leadership
I get to teach a freshman comp and lit class on Writing about Travel
the development of the Writing Center

nature of our faculty to innovate
look at possibilities, try them, analyze them, decide how to improve
exciting scholarship (though not necessarily in official presentations)
Does that mean my list of presentations was too long? I was trying to show that I can do the work… Not sure I succeeded in that.

division allows us to take chances
offers faith for innovation
offers support for when we fail, as we will if we are innovating

How would you define the Ideal candidate or success in this job?

someone who is innovative
works well with others
is easy to work with
hard worker
not afraid of work
willing to take on service
community issue

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