Conference with the Dean

There’s nothing like being asked to meet with the dean to make a person paranoid. (Okay, at least to make me paranoid.)

It turned out not to be a bad thing at all.

We talked about what I had been doing in the profession this year. I mentioned some of the conferences and publications I have had.

She looked at my classes. I think she was planning to ask me to teach a second semester freshman comp class, but then I told her I was already teaching four comp classes. That ended that.

I was thinking I might end up with just three classes, but I do have four. All but one is filled and I have no doubt the one will be filled by the time classes start. And if it’s not, that will be okay with me. Six classes is probably a bit much, especially when they are all comp classes.

We talked about my degree. She offered me a rhetorical history class later. It is being created and they need someone to teach it. Since my PhD is in rhetoric and composition, that means I have the qualifications. It is in the comm dept.

I think we had a good talk. I did make an abrupt change of topic at one point, but she had finished what she was going to say about the topic at the time and I did want to not forget what I was asking.

Overall I think the discussion was quite encouraging.

She did not, unfortunately, immediately offer me a full-time job teaching composition at the school, but the talk went well.

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