Email Analysis

I was working on putting a post together on poor emails. Then I found this one. I think it wins the thoughtful creativity award.


I’m not sure if I’m remembering this correctly, but I think there was a question on the test that asked what __ would do in a ___ situation. I don’t have a copy of the test anymore, so I’m not sure, but I think you had the right answer being that ____ would happen. That is what happens when ____ occurs, not ___.

Now, even though there’s a 90% chance I’m remembering incorrectly, and my grade doesn’t really need an extra point, don’t think I’m being nitpicky about this. I am merely concerned for the other members of the class. Imagine this:

One student would have passed the class if he just got one more point on this test. Passing, he graduates college and gets a middle income job evaluating employee performance at a rubber factory. With his accumulated savings over the course of 25 years at that job, he is able to send his daughter to college. She majors in linguistics and mathematics. In the year 2039 aliens make contact with the planet earth. Using math, the universal language, and her mastery of foreign languages, she is able to create a primitive dialog with these beings. They grant us ion propulsion technology and the cure for cancer. With that cure for cancer, a wealthy businessman is healed on his death bed, granting him an extra 2 years of sweet sweet life, during which he strikes up a friendship with me. Tragically, he is killed by a speeding flying car in 2041. Being his best friend, he leaves me his entire fortune, estimated at 12 billion dollars. Canadian dollars, not the severely devalued U.S. currency.

You know what, though, it’s probably nothing.
–end email–

By the way, dillon said the student was correct about the test question.

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