Inprint workshop on poetry

I would really like to go to Inprint’s Houston workshops.

Three times a year, Inprint offers non-credit Writers Workshops. These workshops are considered Houston’s “Best Place for Aspiring Writers” (Houston Press) and are led by accomplished local authors, including students, alumni, and faculty from the prestigious University of Houston Creative Writing Program. Workshops are open to individuals of all backgrounds, including those who are exploring creative writing for the first time, as well as aspiring writers who want to prepare work for publication. 

Workshops are conducted in various genres, including fiction, memoir, non-fiction, novel, personal essay, poetry, and others. Workshop sessions meet once a week on a weekday evening at Inprint House, 1520 W. Main. Fall and winter/spring workshops meet for 10 weeks, summer workshops run for 8 weeks. Registrations are filled on a first come first serve basis, and are limited in number to provide an intimate, supportive, and accessible workshopping environment.

But right now I am just too busy. One of these days, though, I am going to get to one of them.

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