Some Schools Don’t Have First Amendment Rights

But others do.

“The EEOC Goes After a Catholic College… For Being Catholic”

Today’s Inside Higher Ed details the rather disturbing story of an EEOC finding that Belmont Abbey College, a Catholic college in North Carolina, engaged in “gender discrimination” when it refused — consistent with its Catholic faith — to cover oral contraceptives in its employer-provided health-care plan.

I do not understand why not covering oral contraceptives is gender discrimination. They don’t buy contraceptives for men. They don’t pay for contraceptives for women.

This is a violation of religious freedom and is wrong. I am not Catholic and I do not believe that contraceptives are a sin, but I do believe that people should have the right to follow their faith as long as it does not put an undo burden on someone else. Buying contraceptives out of your flex plan does not put an undue burden on anyone. Shoot, you can get them free at Planned Parenthood.

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