How does the college stack up?

tsuda-collegeFor some reason, my community college (CC1) has released their Performance Dashboard: Fall 2008 Monitoring Report. (Why Fall 2008? I’m guessing because it took them that long to compile it all.)

So the median institution wide (across cc’s) course success rate (C or better) was 72%. My school’s was 77%. To be in the top ten percent, CC1 would need to improve 5 percent.

Freshman comp success rate across cc’s was 70%. CC1 got 75%. To be in the top ten percent, the school would need a 79%.

College English (freshman and sophomore) across cc’s was 70%. CC1 got 69%. The top ten percent were at 79%. Obviously we’re far off there. Are we easier or are they harder?

Developmental reading success rate was 70% across schools. 56% at my school.

Developmental writing success was 66% across schools. 68% at CC1.

(For developmental math, the average was 56%. We got 66%.)

giraffe-in-zebras-from-nonprofituniversityblogMy college is cheaper than 90+% of community colleges in the country.

43% of our courses are taught by full-time faculty. That’s amazing, considering only 25% of the people teaching are full-time. The average is 54% and the top ten percent have 72%.

42% of the sections are taught by full-time faculty. At other schools that’s 53% on average, with the top schools having full-timers teach 68% of the sections.

We are one percent away from being a school in the top 10% of % of credit hours taught by part-time faculty. I’m fairly sure that’s NOT considered good.

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