Can I do that?

You decide to remove the BA and MA dates from your vita.

Can I remove the BA and MA dates from my vita? Will that make my vita not acceptable?

I didn’t get a job, at least according to the president, because I was “too old.”

While I’m thinking about it, should I get a face lift?

–The quote was from a forum at the Chronicle.

One thought on “Can I do that?”

  1. It’s an interesting proposition. I wonder about it, too, but for the opposite idea. I’m incredibly young and fresh out of graduate school. My first attempt at getting a job actually let me teach with my B.A. while I finished my M.A. But now I’m so new out of grad school and not into a Ph.D. program yet that if I were to try to find another place, I’m afraid they’d see my teaching experience as nil because part of it came before my M.A. was finished.

    But luckily, I have a good foothold here and don’t want to go elsewhere. But the possibility of these problems in the future looms.

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