up-close-judith-by-caravaggioI will be at Kalamazoo in 2010, presenting on Judith in “Teaching off the Grid.”

Anyone reading this blog going?

Oh, will I get to meet Got Medieval? I love the marginalia there. Read the blog regularly. But what could I say besides that? Maybe ask when he became fixated on monkeys?

The picture is a close-up of Carvaggio’s “Judith of Bethulia.”

Update: Maybe I should be less excited about this. A direct quote from the website: “Those who require hotel amenities such as air-conditioning …” Air conditioning? It is May and it is Michigan. But still air conditioning is an extra?

Okay, according to the net, the average until late June is 62. I can see not having air conditioning if it’s going to be 62. Of course, their hottest day was 112 and I’m pretty sure you would need a/c for that.

One thought on “Kalamazoo!”

  1. Usually that the lack of AC isn’t a problem, though the crappiness of the dorm rooms at K-Zoo is legendary.

    Sadly, I won’t be at the 2010 gathering. I usually go every other year.

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