9 in 7.5 Weeks

That was my schedule for papers the next seven weeks, three days ago. I’ve made progress. But I wanted to mark my progress here. I started and finished 1 and 2 in the last three days. The things marked in parentheses are the things I have already done toward the work, before the 7.5 weeks started.

1- Book review. Complete.
2- Article on promotion/publishing. Complete.
3- Shakespeare friendship article. (1 page proposal/outline)
4- Religion in speculative fiction paper. (10 pages of draft)
5- OE Judith, epic. (2 page outline, 500 pages of articles collected)
6- Sookie Stackhouse as gothic. (Books read. Some articles collected. Thought about.)
7- Adjunct article. (Draft one done.)
8- Medical health contribution.
9- Proposal for national conference.

Note: In addition to the first two being finished, I also graded a set of essays, taught six classes, and sent off eight poems to two journals.

My husband may be correct. I may have become a workaholic.

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