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Discuss: Writing homework is a necessary part of any composition class, even when it is not leading to a paper.

That has always been my position.

And I have always graded it.

Nothing infuriates me more than someone requiring homework and not grading it. I don’t mind even a completion grade, though those are not my favorites, but if assignments are being given, assignments should be graded.

My son and I had a discussion a few days ago. He said it was terrible that his English teacher was giving so much homework.

I said that at least she was grading it.

He said, yeah, having assignments that weren’t graded were the worst. But, he added, having no assignments at all was better than having graded assignments.

I’ve been cutting back just a bit on my homework assignments. With six composition courses, I don’t have time to grade everything I usually assign. So they’ve been getting some days off. I’m not sure it really helps them, but it gives a perception of an easier course.

And, occasionally, I’ve also simply given completion grades on the homework I assigned anyway. “Yes, it looks good.” = 100 Mostly = 80 Not so much = 60… Easiest grading I’ve ever done.

When I don’t assign homework and the students have a project due, do you think they are working on their project? Yeah, I don’t think so either.

Next week the first progress reports are due in Business Writing. I guess I’ll see then if they did anything.

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