Book Accepted ! or ?

I’m fairly sure my book has been accepted by the publisher, although I have not actually heard or seen those words. I believe, though, that “your check is being processed” is the equivalent. (Unless it is corporate speak for “the check is in the mail.”)

Since I agreed that they did not have to pay me until the book was accepted, I’m fairly sure (85% and wavering) that it was.

Whoo hoo!

My husband sent me a sweet, though somewhat inaccurate, note:

Congratulations, Dr. Davis! You are now a published author and an expert on Shakespeare.

silly-shakespeare-big-head-from-stantonsheetmusicInaccurate because:
1. I am already a published author.
2. The book has not actually been published.
3. I might be considered an expert on Shakespeare’s romances by some; I don’t think a textbook is “expert status” in the strictest sense. Now that I’ve written that, maybe he’s right. Maybe I am an expert on Shakespeare’s romances now. Cool. I’m an expert.

(Do you think I’ll get a big head like this Shakespeare rendition? Or do you think I already have one?)

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