I’m going to PCA/ACA SwTx in February.
In March I plan on going to CCTE. Also in March CEA is in Texas. Seems like I ought to go to that.
PCA is in April.
Kalamazoo is in May.

So, here’s the problem. PCA allows rolling applications. If they don’t take one, in two weeks I can have a response on the next one. Etc.

CEA is a one shot deal. I won’t hear from them until after PCA is closed.

I don’t really want to go to four conferences during the spring semester, especially as I am starting a part-time job with a new college.

PCA is enjoyable, a national conference, and I have lots to write on multiple topics there.

CEA is a national conference, in my state, and there are two or three CFPs I could do.

I guess…. I should apply to CEA and take my chances. If they accept my work, I’ll go there. If they don’t, I’ll only go to two conferences in the spring.

That doesn’t seem like very many though.

And I have four this semester. But two are not during class times.

All four of the spring (5 if I include K-zoo) are during class times. Hmm.

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