9 in 7.5 weeks… Now 6 weeks

The first few days I zipped through 1 and 2. After a week, plus, I’ve finished 7, 8, and 9.

18th-c-woman-writing-reading11- Book review. Complete. (Now waiting on publication.)
2- Article on promotion/publishing. Complete.
3- Shakespeare friendship article. (1 page proposal/outline; collected and skimmed through sources)
4- Religion in speculative fiction paper. (10 pages of draft; read two other books for the paper and took notes)
5- OE Judith, epic. (2 page outline, 500 pages of articles collected)
6- Sookie Stackhouse as gothic. (Books read. Some articles collected. Thought about.)
7- Adjunct article. Complete. (At least, I revised as requested and sent it in.)
8- Medical health contribution. Complete. (Though I should have change the dates to ten years later on all of them.)
9- Proposal for national conference. Complete. (And I am very happy with what I did.)

In addition, I have sent out another series of poems to a journal, sent two papers as proposals to a regional conference that I adore, and graded some more papers.

Update: 9/26/09 Not only was 8 written and sent out, it has already been rejected.
10/4/09 #4 ended up with a 28-page draft that I cut to 9 pages. It went very well. Three friends of mine came to the presentation, so there were six people in the audience. (Did I mention this was a tiny conference?)
#3 I have taken notes from 23 articles and 3 primary sources on friendship. I am behind schedule for that. I had hoped to have all the articles done and four books read and notes taken on them.

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