Fun Assignment: Look at Terrible Websites

For this assignment, you must introduce your students to the means for evaluating websites properly.

Here are three good resources:

Once you have explained how to evaluate websites, give them a couple to look at. Ask them which ones are bad and why.

Then, for homework, have them find a website on a topic they are an expert in that is terrible. Is the information wrong? Is it misleading? Are there gaps in the information?

Have them present their website for two minutes the next class period.

It’s a fun introduction to how to choose good websites, from finding bad ones.

One thought on “Fun Assignment: Look at Terrible Websites”

  1. Somewhere I read a piece recently by a librarian who said many college websites don’t make it easy for students to access the college library resources. Since then I’ve been paying attention to how easy it is to get to the library from colleges’ home pages. Several times I’ve had to do a Google search to find the library when I was on the university home page.

    It might be interesting to ask students for recommendations on improving online access to their college libraries.

    Linda Aragoni

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