Texas Mandates WAY TOO MUCH Information

Today I received information from one of my colleges about new requirements that the Texas Legislature (which only meets every two years) has decided in their wisdom to require. I certainly hope they don’t plan on having my real CV up, with my contact information. I’m not giving them that.

It will be interesting, though, to be able to puruse other teacher’s CVs and syllabi at will. So that might be a reasonable experience. Glad I don’t have to keep the website updated.

The legislature has mandated that each faculty member’s CV list the faculty members education, including degrees, institutions attended, and dates of attendance. Faculty must also include their relevant teaching and non-teaching experience as well which must contain a brief description of responsibilities, the institution, and beginning and end dates of employment. Finally, we must list all discipline related publications and presentations on the CV.

We are also required by law to provide a publiclly accessible copy of our syllabi. The syllabus must contain the following: a description of each major course requirement (exams, writing assignments, etc), the learning objectives for the course, a description of the subject matter of each lecture/discussion, and required/recommended textbooks. Each syllabus must remain on our website for a minimum of two years and must be uploaded within seven days of the start of the semester.

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