Money Magazine Goofs Big on College Professors

Money says that college professors are the third best job to have in the US. I can buy that. I’d go for #1 myself.

But then it says:

Competition for tenure-track positions at four-year institutions is intense, but you’ll find lots of available positions at community colleges and professional programs, where you can enter the professoriate as an adjunct faculty member or non-tenure track instructor without a doctorate degree. That’s particularly true during economic downturns, when laid-off workers often head back to school for additional training.

1. You cannot find lots of positions at community colleges.
2. Hundreds of people are applying to each job (at least in the humanities and social sciences).
3. The jobs are going to PhDs with publications.
4. Becoming an adjunct faculty member only means that you have part-time work for part-time pay. It rarely means actually becoming a full-time member.
5. Just because cc’s have more students doesn’t mean they are hiring a lot more. The extra one thousand (1,000) students at my college means that one (1) additional full-time teacher will be hired next year. They are looking for three (3) more adjuncts, though.

They are so far off, I wonder who they talked to.

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