Bad News

towncrierAt one college, I teach in two different departments. The non-English department has said that if they have a full-time position open, I will get it.

However, I just talked to the English dean and she said that she is trying to get me pulled from the non-English department so that English won’t lose me.

So… Because I am a good teacher, I’m going to lose my full-time opportunity?


Now, if I work full-time for the non-English department I will be teaching four sections of the same course, which could get boring, but if I don’t let it, it won’t.

And I’ve been working on finding CFPs that allow me to do research for that part of my job, intending to build up my CV in that area. However, if I’m going to be pulled, that won’t be useful.

Also, I just found out that the upper division class I was asked to teach in another department did not make the cut of new classes, so it doesn’t exist. I can’t teach a class that doesn’t exist, so I don’t get to teach it either.

I guess I need to be more careful of what the dean says…. And what I say to the dean.

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