Deborah Phelps, originally from Baltimore, MD now at Sam Houston State
“home of death row in Texas”
academic life

I took notes at this session and transferred them onto my blog. So I guess that means it is retroactively live blogged.

ask her if she has applied to CCTE, TCEA

history of Dime Box:
Original Dime Box- real ghost town where something bad happened- though the marker does not say why or what

poignant juxtaposition of Hector and the registrar

excellent description of dead stars

rainbow spill of plastic rosaries

Jacket Magazine publishes poems.

writes in sequences, poems can’t live alone anymore than we can

Flaubert’s Dictionary of Received Ideas

“timed occupancies” for office
“My life has been a series of timed occupancies but someone forgot to wind the clock and so I stay within”

sirens slam [me awake] my sleep

potential violence represented is violence

This session brought my poetry to the top. I wrote two sets of great lines while I was listening to her.

Idea: write poem series related to conference attendance—negative spaces in Donatello (last conf)

Gross National Happiness
“an inner menagerie”

Lana Mott Wiggins
Plainview Press publishes her poetry
Southwest Review

laugh- ee- ette- Lafayette

“a vampire in blue jeans and sunshine”

“cling to tender omens”

What does secretary do at SCMLA?

water dragon, ancient and agnostic ark
beautiful articulate snapshots

“vulgar is synonymous with freedom”

she has a lot of “on my back” imagery

“lovely genuine person” – poem about Wm Hughes, editor of Gothic Studies

My idea: Meant & Heard. Hi, how are you? kiss my baby. Have you gotten a job?

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