Arthurian Stories to Get Cracking On

I am not sure I will use these for my Southwest Texas Popular Culture conference paper, but I should read them anyway.

gwenhwyfar-book-coverFirst, Mercedes Lackey writing on the multiplicity of Guineveres. (I’m guessing this is like Maria for Spanish and various other names.)

I have not read this book yet, even though I am a Lackey fan. I’m not as die hard as I used to be, but I still tend to find her works delightful.

sword-fire-and-ice-book-coverThe other work is a graphic novel. I have been re-introduced to those recently (though I read early ones just to be reading them). I don’t know how good it will be, but some of the graphic novels are actually amazing and amazingly well done. So, this is a must-read for me at least over the Christmas break, if not earlier.

Both these books give me a reason to look forward to a down time in school. That’s coming Dec. 15.

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