Keeping Track, Keeping Busy

How much am I getting accepted?
In October, my rejection:acceptance was pretty good.

6 poems submitted, 2 accepted, 4 rejected

5 papers (as opposed to presentations) submitted, 2 accepted, 2 rejected, 1 pending

I have tried to be very careful in placing my work where it is most likely to get accepted. Even with that, my acceptance rate is a 2:3 ratio.

This month I had a paper turned down for a chapter. They were probably right to turn it down, but I wish I had taken the time to work on it until they would have accepted it. Unfortunately, I had a book due then, too, and that took precedence. I wonder if I rewrote it now and sent it back if they would be willing to take another look.

I had a presentation for CEA accepted.

I had 6 poems rejected, none accepted.

So this month, my acceptance: rejection rate is 1:6. Gotta get more stuff accepted!

What have I been writing since October?

In November, I had a book review due. The book was potentially interesting but was too tangential for me to really enjoy it. I think I was fair in the review, but I honestly struggled to finish reading it.

I had two or three abstracts to turn in.

And I am fairly sure that I wrote a paper for something, though I don’t remember what it was.

I have a review and an article due this week. Then in two weeks I have two conference presentations. That same week I have a chapter due.

The next week another abstract is due. I need to get cracking.

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