When Writing a Book Review

book-reference-w-personWhen writing a book review, always read the author’s name.

I was working on a review of a book. The book is full of fascinating information told in a very plebian and uninteresting style. It is repetitious and some interesting bits are left out because they are already in print. I wasn’t going to write a scathing review, but I was going to point out some significant issues. I still will. But now I’m going to feel a little more that I am “going out on a ledge” to do that because the author is a big name in the field. There is a significant difference in our statuses; I’m a baby and he is a grandfather.

I am not sure I would have volunteered for the review if I had realized who the author was. I picked the book by its subject matter.

Oh well. At least now the fascinating information is more credible, though I think some of his points are… reaching.

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