Dropping Out = Lack of Funds

One of my students told me yesterday before our final that she is leaving school. She owes $6,000 to the school and she doesn’t have the money to pay it.

So she is going to go to her part-time job and work full-time for a while, paying down her bills, maybe taking some classes at the local community college, and then come back. I think it is a good idea, much better than getting out of school with $50,000 in debt.

Others like her are also dropping out, according to the Washington Post.

When choosing between a degree and going to work, paying rent, buying groceries or supporting family members, many students are forced to drop out, said Jean Johnson of Public Agenda, a nonpartisan public policy research firm that conducted a telephone survey of more than 600 people ages 22 to 30 for the report.

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