Sources for Literary Theory Introduction

David Lodge’s Modern Criticism and Theory: “book of major works of literary criticism. It is excerpts from original texts rather than articles on theoretical approaches.”

Ann Dobie’s Theory into Practice: (From Cengage Learning.) “book that explains theory.”

Peter Berry’s Beginning Theory: “explains the theory, and then demonstrates how it is used in actual literary analysis. Each chapter ends with a bibliography for further reading. It was designed as a textbook, and it does its job well.”

Terry Eagleton’s Literary Theory: “extremely popular.”

Kristi Siegel’s “Introduction to Literary Theory.”

Falling into Theory by David H. Richter

Ania Loomba’s Colonialism/Postcolonialism

Deal and Beal Theory for Religious Studies

Charles Bressler’s Literary Criticism: An Introduction to Theory and Practice: “structured, almost formulaic breakdown of the major schools of thought.”

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