Tip 43: An Idea for Literature Classes

If there have been two editions or two translations of the work you are teaching, use both. Have the students read the two and look for differences between them. This can lead to some very interesting discussions.

Make sure you know, though, whether the first edition was a pirated work or a first-version. Was the second version a reworking or an official version? What were the differences between the two translations?

Some places these might be used:
Leaves of Grass Obviously he wrote various versions of this.
Gulliver’s Travels Though both versions were by Swift, he did make some substantial changes in the framing of the story in the second version.
Judith Reading the Vulgate version and the Old English poem give entirely different feels to the story.
Beowulf Reading Heaney’s and Raffel’s version, for example. Doing those two would give very different flavors to the story. Even simply limiting the Raffel to the sections on the web would be useful, and easier for our students to digest.

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