Rhetorics of Style

Is it possible that blogging could bring back/up the importance of style?

I was looking for something else and read Steve Yegge’s post on Blogging Size and I thought… Hmm. Maybe something for MLA?

Please note that he is recommending long blog posts and I am not writing a long blog post and I realize that. It’s just a note to me to come back and think of this later.

Applying Game Theory to Blogging might be interesting.
Theorizing Blogging is just the kind of thing I just FB’ed Deb about.
Blogging the Nihilist Impulse reminded me that I have some books on blogging, though not blogging theory.

Which took me into another area, a paper I was wanting to write for a journal:
Exploring Blogs as Learning Spaces in Higher Education
Blogging Practices: An Analytical Framework
[PDF] Instructional blogging: Promoting interactivity, student-centered learning
S Glogoff – Innovate. Journal of Online Education, 2005 – Citeseer

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