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In a comment at Community College Dean, Phillip said:

The best way for someone to demonstrate that she’s a good teacher in a job interview is to talk about her teaching experience. What gets points at my CC is success with “non-traditional” students: first-generation students, mostly African-American and Latino.

How could I talk about my students?

SP, a foreign student in my classroom because she is no longer needed at home, as her children are all in high school, is one example. Her husband is not supportive of her education but she wants an education. I worked with her outside of class on her writing. She has improved significantly. Now she is in one of my upper division courses and is sailing through the writing.

TH, a Latina who is also a mother, is in my class to better her life. She felt I made a connection with her through the readings on health and illness in Mexican-American lives.

OP, a Hispanic who was getting the education on the outside that he thought he got while he was in prison. He was a conscientious student. The only day he missed was the day he had to go before the judge about his parole. I volunteered to write and wrote a letter detailing his progress in the class.

I’ll have to think of stories where I did something unusual. Usually it’s my students who do the impressive stuff.

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