Saga of Online Teaching 8

Have you ever done something foolish and not realized it?

That’s what I did.

red-computer-keysWhen I set up the introduction to the course I did not set it up to track the viewers. So when I hit reports, there were none.

I worked through Automate to put up reminders that the students should access that course material, but I found that what I wanted to do I couldn’t, so I stopped. However, when I went back to look at the introduction to the course, that’s when I realized I had disabled the Track function.

So I didn’t really know whether they had looked at the material or not.

That’s something to make sure I check for each folder in the future.

By the end of the first week (not the full class week) I had 13 of my 20 registered students log into the course. If the other 7 didn’t log in by the end of the full class week, they would be dropped.

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