Phone Interview Suggestions

ProfHacker has an excellent post on phone interviews.

Since I hope to be having some of those again this season, I wanted to bookmark it. It might also be relevant for you.

One thing I particularly liked was this advice:

It might be helpful to have something to look at since you can’t see the people to whom you are talking. If you know in advance who will be on the call, you can cyber-stalk look them up on the department webpage. If the department has photographs of its faculty posted, it might be reassuring to put names to faces. Even if there are no pictures, you can at least find out a little bit about your audience and their interests. I had note cards that served as place settings with the interviewers’ names on them and a brief note about their specialty (for example, mine might read “Erin Templeton: Modernism, American Lit”). I also drew happy faces on the cards to remind me to smile and not freak out. I got the note card tip from a counselor at my alma mater’s career center—he said that it helped interviewers remember that their talking to real people and helped them sound less stilted.

I can totally see note cards as a useful tool.

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