Teaching Online for the First Time

line-drawing-computer-studentTeaching online is an adventure.

I decided I wanted to teach online this semester in December. (Bad plan.) I had the training, but I hadn’t really played around with the software. Then the teaching session I was going to go to for two days was canceled. And I had plans for work (scholarship, research, conferences) for the break and didn’t have a lot of time to set up the class.

I did get two days of training, about a week before school was scheduled to start.

And I did get the course mostly set up by the first day.

This week, though, I discovered that on one quiz I put all the questions in one answer. So if they didn’t get 100%, they got a 0%. That wasn’t what I meant to do, so now I have to go grade those manually. (Which reminds me, I need to go see if there are other things I need to grade manually that I haven’t yet.)

Then I decided I should go through and look at what we are doing for the rest of the semester, since I really don’t remember. That is when I realized I didn’t finish the last two weeks of the class.

Oops. So I’ll be grading some forums, grading an essay, and writing the content for the last two weeks of class this weekend.

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