How Quickly Can I Write a Scholarly Paper?

I have been playing around with an idea on Chicano literature in terms of storytelling and genre. So I was very interested when I saw this CFP:

Rupkatha journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities (ISSN 0975-2935) invites articles and book reviews on Aesthetics of New Literatures English for Volume 2, Number 2. The focus of the issue will be an exploration of the aesthetic (NOT political) aspects of particular authors, particular texts, trends, genres and/or tradition. We are also interested in articles that explain their relation/difference with British literary/linguistic traditions. Please find the broader areas for discussion below:
• English Writings in the Indian subcontinent
• Caribbean Literature
• African Literature in English
• Australian Literature
• Literature of New Zealand
• Chicano Writings
• Canadian Literature
• Literatures produced in English in other countries
Please note that we are open to the suggestion of inclusion of any topic relating to the theme.
For submission of critical writings, please send:
• Completed article (3000-5000 words)
• Abstract (100-200 words)
• 3 to 5 Keywords
• Brief/detailed CV

The problem is that the work is due on March 5th. I haven’t done more than jot notes on the idea. Could I pull it together and get it out there? It would be very useful to have the article in submission when I have the job interview.

Maybe I’ll work on it for the next two days and see how far I get.

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