Visual Thinking for Reading and Writing

I attended a conference presentation by Dr. Laurence Musgrove on visual thinking (handmade thinking) and learned a lot.

I doubt I will adopt the program wholesale, since I have a son who is functioning in a regular class and would be nonfunctioning in this one, but I like the idea of giving it as an option to do for some of the reading responses. If my son would be nonfunctioning in this one, it tells me there are probably people who are nonfunctioning in mine.

cup-pencilsI’ve already recommended his approach to a grad student who was looking for ideas for teaching freshman composition for the first time. (Silly me. I didn’t recommend this blog.)

So I went to the presenter’s blog and found an interesting illustration for one of the reasons why I think his approach has validity.

Good talk. It made me think and that’s always useful.

FYI: If you are in Texas I highly recommend the Conference of College Teachers of English and/or Texas College English Association as good, small, friendly conferences.

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