CFP for Rhetoric Students

For undergraduates:

Xchanges online journal UG Issue 7.1 (6/28/10)

Call for Papers:
The Xchanges online journal is a refereed interdisciplinary Technical Communication, Rhetoric/Writing, and WAC journal published by New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech). Xchanges is seeking submissions of major research projects or Senior theses completed by TC, TW, or Composition/Rhetoric students during the 2009-2010 academic year. Undergraduate theses/research projects may be submitted in either traditional print or multimodal web formats. Theses or research projects must present innovative, original research of interest to technical communicators, to those engaged in the research and practice of Writing Across the Curriculum, or to Rhetoric/Writing professionals and students in a range of professional or academic settings. The focus of the journal Xchanges is broad and inclusive, thus the journal editors are not stipulating research-topic parameters for this issue. To view our last undergraduate research issue, Issue 6.1, please visit the journal at:

See the rest at UPenn’s site

For graduates:

The link is here.

For Issue 6.2, Xchanges is seeking article-length submissions by graduate students from American and international graduate programs in TC, Writing/Rhetoric, and English Education that address, in any interpretation, the above theme. Projects may be submitted in either traditional print or webtext formats. We are eager to receive submissions that examine the ways in which new multimodal writing platforms and contexts create opportunities and challenges for student writers, workplace writers, and participants in public digital discourses online. Few possible directions for papers are represented by the following three paper-title samples:

“The Evolving Ethos of Textual Production in Cyberspace”
“Collaborative Writing Online and in the Classroom: Competing or Complimentary Models?”
“Social Networking Tools, Scholarly Discourse, and New Methods of Academic Publication’”

Because the focus of the journal Xchanges is broad and inclusive, the journal editors sought a capacious theme for Issue 6.2 and thus wish to receive a broad array of approaches to the issue theme by graduate-student scholars.

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