2 thoughts on “Should we think about the way we present visual information?”

  1. This article and the software it describes really interested me. I found the author’s mention of short attention spans especially pertinent to my remedial comp. students. I often run out of time during my discussions of the various rhetorical modes and revision techniques because I have to wait for the slower writers and/or daydreamers to catch up on a slide before I can move on. This software allows me to go forward with my discussion. Also, since we teach writing as a recursive, rather than linear process, this software is especially useful in giving students the “big picture” when it comes to writing. I have even developed a presentation on Moby Dick for my American Lit. course (it allows the students to see all of the influences on the novel at once so that, again, they get the “big picture”). I always find the info. you present and your external links to be helpful, but this one, I think, will pay off big time for my students. My remedial comp. students will be talking about media writing next week and I plan to show them your blog and tell them about how I use it. I think that if they see the results of reading blogs in the classroom (via the new presentation software), they will appreciate how useful blogs can be for them in their own studies and future careers.

  2. Tanya, I am glad it was helpful. I would love to see your Moby Dick presentation, too.

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