Keeping on Track

line-drawing-writingAs I was looking through my work to determine where I was in regards to some articles I had sent out for publication, I discovered that I had written two articles-one completely and one about halfway-and then stopped. Looking back, I do not recall why I quit writing, but I expect it was because I had grades come in and then some other article came for review and resubmit and by the time I finished those I had forgotten the project.

Both of the projects I have discovered might have made a big difference to me in this job hunt had I actually sent them out. Plus, they are works that I have spent a great deal of time on.

Unfortunately, they will not be published in time to help me with this year’s applications.

Finding them, however, has given me a renewed vision for where I might go with my career and reminded me that I do not have to search outside my primary field for work and writing opportunities. Instead I need to work within my primary field to increase my marketability and also my own job satisfaction.

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