Breathing Deeply

I have an interview this week.

I am alternating between feeling very prepared, totally unprepared, and panicked.

I guess I should work a lot on getting very prepared so that I will know exactly what I want to do with this.

Things to take:
Reading list
syllabi/calendars (Brit Novels I, Brit lit I, freshman comp, comp and lit)
The article from Changing English. (Since it’s in print and they can’t see it.) NOTE: I think I have an e-version of that on my school email.
Template completed that they asked for.
Handout I would use with this 50 minute lesson.
Copy of the video for the example.
Copy of my CV?
Print out the reading list from Latinoteca
diversity: generational, cultural, linguistic, economic, disabilities, gender, race, religion
business cards

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