On-Campus Interview

I had a twenty minute teaching demo on critical thinking. I did my ethos lecture, with the handout and the lego blocks. The students do better with the legos than the teachers did.

They asked 12 questions. Let’s see how many I can remember:

1. How does your teaching demo relate to your view of writing classroom instruction?

2. What have you done for your department/college outside of teaching?

3. What class would you like to teach that you haven’t taught or haven’t taught for a while?

4. If you were given $1500 for development, what would you spend it on?

5. How have you helped your students?

6. What would you do differently now about question 5?

7. Do you have any questions for us?

8. How have you dealt with diversity in your classroom?

9. How have you dealt with technology in your classroom? What else would you like to do with technology in your classroom?

They told me they would call me whether I was moving on in the process or not. It will be a while though, because their last interview isn’t till April 6. I figure I won’t hear for at least a week after that.

Note: I believe they have six on-campus interviews.

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